Parking zone
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Worlds leading mobile All-in-one parking enforcement system​
How to unclog busy city centers, bring more clients to existing businesses and manage the town commodity easier?

Safe data

Fully GDPR compliant.
Comply with strict new rules around protecting customer data. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) sets a new standard for consumer rights regarding their data

Full monitoring of parking zone

Supplementing foot patrols with an automatic control system will increase the frequency of checks in the entire paid parking zone.

Better drivers payment discipline

High efficiency of the solution – one vehicle is as good as 10 foot patrols (two inspectors each).

Lower rate of mistakes and reclamations

The control is carried out twice in short time intervals to eliminate mistakes or vehicles whose drivers are just heading to the parking meter to pay the parking fee.

Additional income from parking tickets

Vehicle equipped with City Scanner system will scan vehicle registration plates and issue parking tickets for unpaid stops.

Process automation - less time consuming

High efficiency of the solution – one vehicle is as good as 10 foot patrols (two inspectors each).

Double the rate of verified vehicles

One City Scanner enabled vehicle saves the labour of 20 inspectors that may be utilized in the less patroled areas.


For Residents Control of „resident only“ parking spaces to improve the quality of life for residents in their area

Help local business

Thanks to the higher parking space availability customers can indulgge in inner city shopping to the profit of local business.


of Parking space asset Increasing the parking space by increasing the turnover in short-term parking spaces


Monitoring the special purpose parking areas for people with disabilities makes sure that places are in use by authorized persons


For the population and law enforcement teams Support the police with information and important notices Objective: to increase public safety


Number plate information is augmented with high precision GPS location (up to 5 centimeters at any speed). Up to 99% ANPR accuracy rating.


Supports several standards protocols to deliver the data to the place of your choice. Ready for custom data integration.


Operating every time of a day and night, regardless of weather conditions.


The system fits into a roof top box and can be mounted on any vehicle.

The latest CityScanner implementation after 6 months

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additional income from parking tickets
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from parking fees
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more parking fees paid (payment discipline) in the same zone
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more parking spaces checked during the same time
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