How CityScanner protects citizens data

GDPR - Data Safety

Data collected while scanning by CityScanner mobile MultiSensor is anonymized instantaneously on the sensors level even before anything is saved in any part of the system.

CityScanner saves only data for vehicles where owners commited a violation. Any other  identifying information like license plates or faces of pedestrians etc. is not saved, porcessed or extracted in any step of scanning.

All the individuals in the video recorded are anonimized before saving to system. This happens on the hardware level to make sure that data sent to the cloud is already fully GDPR compliant.

Thanks to data anomization CityScanner protects the population.

SENSOR Input what do multisensors cameras see

Data protection on step 1.

EDGE Processing  all photos are anonimized even before saving files to the system
Data protection on step 2.
FINAL  dataset what is saved anywhere in the systems database.

Data protection on step 3.

"It is a highly innovative system.
Only a few cities in the world have a similar solution,
but it seems that no one in the world is as accurate as Warsaw.
We plan to expand the fleet by a few more vehicles."
Jakub Dybalski
the spokesman for city transport department - ZDM


Collected data is anonymized instantaneously and do not extract any identifying information about the individuals in the video.


CityScanner paid parking zone enforcement scanning process explainer