The future is here - City Scanner Mobile Multisensor scanning process explained​


Position verification


owners data

1. Data collection

City Scanner enabled vehicle drives by the parking zone scanning vehicles for registration plate recognition

CityScanner Vehicle scanning license plates of cars parked in paid parking zone

2. Position verification

The GPS module determines the exact position of the vehicle and it is used to synchronize the time of the main system computer with the GPS time. In turn, the LIDAR module determines the distance of objects from the vehicle. The position of the vehicle with the license plate is given within centimeters accuracy. This allows the system to accurately determine if the vehicle was located within the paid parking space and allows full automation.

City Scanner system measures cars positioning using precision sensors and GPS position

3. Payment verification

City Scanner system compares vehicle registration plate numbers with a database of paid parking fees

4. Car owners data

Requests to pay are automatically generated. The role of a man is to seal the envelope and send a payment request.

CityScanner compares sends tparking violation information to vehicle owners database


Collected data is anonymized instantaneously and do not extract any identifying information about the individuals in the video.